Michelle & William

are getting married

August 22nd, 2015

About Us

Michelle Denise Shelby

There wasn’t one particular moment, but a collection of moments that made me realize I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Will. Whether we were playing in the snow with Peanut, slow-dancing to the music in our heads at the movie theater, or lounging on the couch binge-watching the newest series, I felt like I wanted those moments to last forever. He allows and encourages me to be the best version of myself and I thank God everyday for placing him in my life. I truly am lucky and blessed to be able to say that I will experience his love, patience, kindness, and affection for the rest of my life.

William Jameel Roberts

When you meet the person that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life without, you just know it. After years together, supporting each other and loving each other - I just knew she was the one. Michelle is a marvel. She inspires me everyday with her strength, her tenacity and her capacity to love. She is a true partner in every sense of the word and she makes me a better man. She’s my best friend and I’m so blessed that God has brought us together. I’m excited about the life we’re going to build together.

Michelle is originally from Gary, Indiana. She's a student at American University in Washington, D.C. earning her Masters in Public Policy. William is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He's an attorney and the Legislative Director of an advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. They live in Gaithersburg, Maryland where they are proud dog parents to their Cockapoo, Peanut. They enjoy cooking together, spending time outdoors, drinking red wine, and traveling.

Our Love Story

They met

William and Michelle met in October 2004. He went along with his friends to a movie night hosted by a group of ladies in Howard University's Truth Hall. As everyone introduced themselves, he noticed a young woman he hadn't seen around campus before. Taking a seat next to her on the bottom of a bunk bed, he introduced himself. They spoke briefly, watched the movie, and said goodnight.

What She Says: I thought he was cute, but quiet. When he didn't ask for my number, I actually thought he just wasn't interested. Something about him was kind of mysterious though, so my interest was peaked.

What He Says: I was nervous. Really nervous. I thought she was beautiful. Pretty sure she was out of my league. I didn't know what to say to her so I was pretty quiet. On the way back to Drew I couldn't stop talking about her, but I thought I blew it for sure.

First Date

They’d known each other for years by now and they’d known that they were both interested in each other for some time. William had taken her to dinner weeks before (for her birthday) and Michelle had already cooked for him; but this was their first official date. He picked her up on time; relatively speaking. They dined on the patio at U Street’s Ulah Bistro. They laughed, they talked. The conversation was easy, there weren’t any awkward moments. After dinner he suggested that they continue the evening in Georgetown. When they arrived, they walked along the waterfront until they found a spot near the marina. As they sat and looked out over the Potomac, they both remarked how perfect the night was.

What She Says: I couldn't believe we were actually on a date. Even though we'd known each other for years I was still really nervous. I remember sitting next to him at the waterfront, looking out into the water, and wondering where we would go from there.

What He Says: I wanted the night to be perfect and it was. I still remember how beautiful she looked in that little dress with the floral print. It was kind of surreal that we were actually on a date.


He meticulously planned the day and scouted the location. A friend, unrecognizable to her and unseen, would take pictures as they walked.

They spent the afternoon window shopping and stopped for a round of margaritas (her favorite). They watched the sunset and discussed their relationship as they walked through the Georgetown Waterfront Park. They talked about how much in love they were, how far they'd come together - and they discussed the future.

He stepped away to take a call from his sister (actually to check in with the photographer and finalize the plan). When he returned, they sat by the water for a bit. Before heading to dinner, he (not uncharacteristically) wanted to take a picture. Michelle noticed a guy standing near them and told Will to ask him to snap a photo (he was the photographer). Will got on one knee and began his carefully practiced proposal; which she interrupted before he could finish. She cried (of course). He asked, she said yes.

What She Says: We discussed engagement, but I wasn't expecting that- I was completely surprised. I loved how much thought and planning he put into it. I love him.

What He Says: I was nervous the whole day and I definitely needed that drink. My friend was caught in DC traffic and almost didn't make it. When I saw the look on her face, I knew all the planning was worth it. I love her.

Our Bridal Party

Maid of Honor

Michelle met her in freshman Algebra at Howard and they’ve been inseparable since. She is the ying to her yang (sorry Will). Her kind heart and infectiously optimistic outlook on life attracts people to her in an instant. Michelle’s honored to have her be a part of the wedding. 3SB forever!

Best Man

Will met Bryant freshman year at Howard and they've been partners in crime ever since. At every step of the way he's been a true and loyal friend and they’ve been fortunate to be able to grow together and depend on each other. Will was Bryant’s Best Man and he’s happy Bryant decided to return the favor - he couldn’t do this without him.


They met freshman year of college. Her creativity and bubbly personality makes her a joy to be around (those dimples don't hurt either... or her delicious cooking). As the other member of 3SB they share a special bond and Michelle's happy to have her by her side for this occasion.


These two bonded over a love of politics, service and football at Howard. They were inducted together into the Gentlemen of Drew, climbed the ranks of student government together, followed each other to Law School - and had each other's back all along the way. Marcus has been a part of many of the most important days in Will’s life and the wedding wouldn’t be the same without him.


Affectionately called NaNa because Michelle couldn't pronounce her name as a child. She would consider her to be more like a sister than a cousin. She had always been there to laugh with, cry with, or vent to throughout the years. Michelle couldn't picture this special day without her.


These sons of L.A. and Philly linked up at Howard through the Gentlemen of Drew. Over the years, they've shared deep and probing intellectual discourse, as well as crazy missions that nobody would believe. They have grown and matured together and Will is happy to share this moment with him.


Michelle’s been friends with her since middle school. Naturally, they shared a lot of great times, tons of laughs, and may have even gotten into a little bit of trouble together. It has been an amazing gift to see each other’s lives blossom and transition into adulthood. She is a wonderful mother, choreographer, dancer, and friend. Michelle’s happy to have her share in this moment.


Keith is one of Will’s oldest friends. They met in pre kindergarten (that's almost 25 years ago if you're counting!) and they were raised together through the years like brothers. They’ve come a long way from building snow forts in the backyard and dueling in Mario Kart. One thing that hasn’t changed is that they’re family, and he’s an important part of this day.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

August 22nd, 2015
Five o’clock in the evening

Oxon Hill Manor
6901 Oxon Hill Road
Fort Washington, Maryland 20745
Formal Reception to follow


We have reserved room blocks at three hotels in the National Harbor area; a great location with many restaurants and shops.

All hotels offer discounted rooms rates, as stated, for our guests. Be sure to request the Shelby-Roberts Wedding Block when booking or click the hotel image below to book online.

Hampton Inn National Harbor

King Room - $159/night
Double Room – $169/night
Studio Suite - $189/night

Residence Inn National Harbor

Studio Suite - $169/night
1 Bedroom Suite – $189/night

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

Deluxe Guest Room - $179/night
Atrium View Room – $219/night

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National Harbor

National Harbor is a waterfront resort destination on the banks of the Potomac River; home to more than 150 diverse shops and boutiques and over 30 dining locations.

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Water Taxi Service to the National Mall

Potomac Riverboat Company is pleased to offer DIRECT service to the National Mall from the National Harbor.

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Museums on the National Mall

Explore the monuments, memorials and museums of the National Mall in Washington, DC.

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